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About Us


Our Vision

To be a preferred company that delivers a world class Undeniable Products derived from Starch and delivering sustainable values to all stakeholders [Customers, Investors, Employees, Vendors & Community in large].

Our Mission

  • Innovate and Improve the Quality & Production,
  • Reduce wastage and overall cost
  • Enhance value to our customer
  • Deliver superior returns to the stakeholder

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, Trust & Safety.
  • Care - [Care for Stakeholders & our Environment].
  • Excellence - [We do what is right, do it well and Win. We will strive for excellence in whatever we do].
  • Innovation -[We will constantly pursue newer and better processes, products, services and management practices].
Board of Directors

Mr. N. Ramalingam


Mr. R. Suriyakanth

Managing Director

Mr. R. Tamilselvi


Our Commitment

Health and Safety Policy
At SPAC , extensive health and safety guidelines defined standards for every project. SPAC 's commitment to society is firmly rooted in its endeavours to protect both life and the environment. SPAC group believes that harmony between the man and his environment is the prime essence of healthy life and living.
Our corporate policies promise the best in health, safety and environment guidelines. We strive to minimize accidents and occupational health hazards. Safety is an integral part of our operation. we are also outward looking and are committed to protecting the environment through minimizing pollution, optimizing fuel consumption and converting wastes into resources. The Group recognizes its joint responsibility with the Government and the Citizens to protect and preserve the environment.
To set standards, we must first set an example. The Group is thus, committed to making its operations environmentally acceptable, on a scientifically established basis, while fulfilling customer's requirements for excellent quality, performance and safety.
Employee Relations
We consider our workforce as one of our key assets and attribute our success to their relentless hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. We strongly believe that healthy employer-employee relationships promote productivity, motivation and morale of the workforce.
Special focus is given to resolve internal problems, maintain positive relations and strike a balance between the needs of the employee and that of the organization.
Mentors provide guidance to employees to improve their performance.
We are confident that this engagement and involvement of employees builds a stimulating and dynamic work environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Goals Meet Social Values
We strongly believe in contributing towards the betterment of society to create a positive impact, while achieving our business goals.
We recruit and train locals, empowering them with specialised skills and improving their employment potential.
SPAC's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means being accountable for our actions to a broad range of stakeholder employees, customers, suppliers, communities, business partners, host governments and others who have a stake .
We recognize the importance of both financial and non-financial performance in our efforts to maintain long-term, sustainable performance for the Company.
We put our policies into practice every day as we manage our business to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic benefits to all stakeholders wherever SPAC operates.