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Tapioca Native Starch - 'A' Grade

We manufacture Tapioca Native Starch from quality Tapioca tubers in a modernized plant with good manufacturing practices to suit with the needs of market segments such as Paper, Packaging, Textile, Adhesive and many more Industries.

Technical Data Sheet

# Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance Visual White, Free Flowing Powder
2 pH of 10% Slurry   5.0 – 7.0
3 Moisture  Max % 13.0
4 Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometer Min cps 1500
5 Particle Retention on 100 Mesh Max % 1.0
6 Sulphur Dioxide  Max ppm 50.0
7 Brightness  Min % 98.0


  1. Adhesives and Glue (hot-melt glues, stamps, bookbinding, envelopes, labels (regular and waterproof), wood adhesive, laminations, automotive, engineering, pressure sensitive adhesives, corrugation, paper sacks)
  2. Aluminium and Cast Iron Foundries (as sand binder in making molds)
  3. Bio-Polymers (Charcoal briquette binder, incense stick & mosquito coil binder)
  4. Construction (concrete block binder, asbestos, clay/limestone binder, fire-resistant wallboard, plywood/chipboard adhesive, gypsum board binder, paint filler, binder for plaster of paris)
  5. Cosmetic (dusting powder, make-up, soap filler/extender, face creams, pill coating, dusting agent)
  6. Chemical (Detergent Soaps & powder, paint & emulsion)
  7. Dry Battery cell (Filler)
  8. Explosive & Fireworks (wide range binding agent, match-head binder)
  9. Fermentation (Enzymes, Beer – Beverages and Alcohol)
  10. Metals (foundry core binder, sintered metal additive, sand casting binder)
  11. Miscellaneous (biodegradable plastic film, printed circuit boards, leather finishing)
  12. Modified Starch (manufacturers of modified starch, chemicals and ceramics)
  13. Packaging (3 ply and 5 ply carton boxes, manufacture of corrugated roll, board, boxes)
  14. Paper and Paper cone (internal sizing, filler retention, surface sizing, paper coating (regular and color), carbonless paper stilt material, disposable diapers, feminine products)
  15. Plywood (strength and the quality of plywood depend largely on the quality of glue)
  16. Rubber and Foam
  17. Starch Derivatives
  18. Textile (Sizing & Dyeing-warp sizing, fabric finishing, printing)


  1. 50 Kgs & Jumbo Bags | As per specific requirement(s).
  2. Packed in printed PP woven bags.