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Corrugation Gum Powder | SPAC CORRU

Corrugation Gum Powder this product, polymers within starch upon gelatinization, absorb water and during cooling gets entangled with paper fibres and thereby bridging the two sheets of paper.
Also lowers consumption of glue, maintains viscosity and solid content, good bonding due to low gelatinization.

Technical Data Sheet

# Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance Visual Cream Color, Free Flowing Powder
2 pH of 10% Slurry   8 – 11
3 Moisture Max % 13
4 Viscosity in B4 Cup [1:6]  Sec 15 – 18

Applications of Corrugation Gum Powder

  1. It is used in Carton board and Corrugation boxes manufacturing.

Mode of Packing

  1. 50 Kgs & Jumbo Bags | As per specific requirement(s).
  2. Packed in printed PP woven bags.