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White Dextrin | SPAC TRIN-WD

White Dextrin is manufactured by partially hydrolyzing starch which is used as a catalyst. The dextrinization chemically reduces the starch molecules into smaller components. White dextrin is white in color with reduced viscosity. It is also used as an additive in certain applications such as manufacture of Textile, Adhesive, Dye’s, food processing and paper coating.
Dextrin is prepared by treatment in the presence of chemical to suitably modify characteristics and properties of starch. Finished dextrin are very fine powder varying in color from pure white to dark brown.

Technical Data Sheet

# Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance Visual Off White, Free Flowing Powder
2 pH of 10% slurry   2.5 - 3.5
3 Moisture Max % 10.0
4 Cold Water Solubility   Min % 60.0


  1. A Crispness enhancer for food processing, in food batters, coatings and glazes.
  2. Textile finishing and coating agent to increase weight and stiffness of textile fabrics.
  3. Thickening and binding agent in pharmaceutical and paper coatings.
  4. As pyrotechnic binder and fuel, they are added to fireworks and sparklers, allowing them to solidify as pellets or "stars"
  5. Wide ranged binding agent
  6. Match-head binder


  1. 50 Kgs & Jumbo Bags | As per specific requirement(s).
  2. Packed in printed PP woven bags.