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Spray Starch | SPAC SPRAY

We manufacture the SPAC SPRAY - Spray Starch which is derived from high quality Tapioca/Maize Starch.
It is widely used in paper manufacturing.

Technical Data Sheet

# Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance Visual White, Free Flowing Powder
2 pH of 10% Slurry   6.0 – 8.0
3 Moisture Content   Max % 13
4 Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometer Min cps 1500
5 Brightness  Min % 85.0
6 Cold Water Solubility   Max % 4

Applications of Spray Starch

  1. Spray starch is a modified tapioca/maize starch which can be used in the wet-end by means of spraying to increase the strength and ply bond in case of boards.
  2. It helps in reducing the delamination of the ply of the board.
  3. These are applied on the paper machine wire through the spray bars while the web is formed.
  4. In special cases it is used to improving Z-directional strength or to reduce the delamination tendency between ply. Due to low gel temperature easily get gelatinized.
  5. By using spray starch the spring back tendency of the board improves.


  1. 50 Kgs & Jumbo Bags | As per specific requirement(s).
  2. Packed in printed PP woven bags.