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SPAC Starch Products (India) Limited was established in May 1996 to manufacture Tapioca Starch and expanded with integrated manufacturing facility of Tapioca, Maize & Modified Starch Units along with 4.5MW Captive Power Plant.

largest manufacturer of Tapioca Starch in India. Quality unmatched by any other Indian starch manufacturers.

Complete Machinery / Equipment imported from Sweden and Thailand & China for our Tapioca & Maize Plant.

State of the Art technology for immediate conversion of tapioca tuber to starch.

Fostering a safe and environmentally responsible culture.

Our quality of Tapioca & Maize Starch (Native and Modified Starch) is at par with International Standards.

Our annual manufacturing capacity is more than 1 lac tons of starch with a daily crushing capacity of 800 tons of Tapioca and 300 tons of Maize.

SPAC is in the process of adding new products and services to cater requirements of widening Customer Base.

Well established Dealer Network throughout India and export to around 30 countries.

The only company in India having 3 independent Plants for Tapioca, Maize & Modified Starch in a single location with 4.5MW Captive co-gen Power Plant.

We deliver Tailor Made Products as per Customers’ specific applications / requirements.

We strive 24x7 to fulfil our expanding market requirements.