Yellow Dextrin – SPAC TRIN-YD

SPAC TRIN-YD Yellow Dextrin has low viscosity and is very sticky and hygroscopic in nature. Used in the foundry as a binder for cores. Yellow dextrin helps in increasing dry strength and at the same time completely soluble in water. It is also used in water-soluble glues, as a printing thickener, and as binders in paint.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceYellow colour, Free Flowing Powder
2pH2.5 – 3.5
3Moisture Content% Max10.0
4Ash Content% Max1.0
5Free Acidityml Max5.0
6Cold Water Solubility% Min95.0



Print Thickner

As a printing thickener and as a binder in paints.

Water Glue

Used as water-soluble glues in remoistenable envelope adhesives and paper tubes, in the mining industry as additives in froth flotation, in the foundry industry as green strength additives in sand casting, as printing thickener for batik resist dyeing, and as binders in gouache paint and also in the leather industry.