Carboxymethyl Starch – SPAC CMS

We manufacture SPAC CMS – Carboxymethyl Starch is an important modified starch with unique properties due to the presence of a negatively charged functional group (CH2COO-).

Carboxymethyl starch has a wide range of applications in industries, mostly used for the purpose of thickening, stabilization, and water preserving.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceCream Color, Free Flowing Powder
2pH8.0 – 11.0
3Moisture Content% Max12.0
4Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometercps Min3000
5Ash Content% Max20.0



Ceramic Tiles

Uniform coating, smooth, flexible, tough & transparent film


Welding electrodes

Yarn Sizing

CMS can be used for sizing mixture preparation for yarn sizing applications.

Printing Thickener.

Used a printing thickener.

Adhesivers & Glue

Adhesives, paints, water treatment, Mining Industries etc.


In Soap, it increases suspending power & overall washing efficiency

Paper Machine

In the paper-making and dyeing industry for its property of retaining moisture and fluidizing.

Water Glue

Used as adhesive sizing material for warp sizing, to size cotton yarn of small and medium size, linen yarn, and blended yarn.


It is used in the textile industry as a thickening agent in textile printing paste and as a sizing agent, especially for hydrophilic yarn.

Corrugation Gum

Used in Corrugated box gum along with plain tapioca & maize starch. The addition of Carboxymethyl starch will improve the mixture of corrugation paste by keeping tapioca starch in suspension during corrugation.