Maize Native Starch

The product is very consistent in quality. Maize native starch possesses special features such as non-foaming & non-thinning characteristics in boiling solutions. Hence maize starch has a marginal effect on the efficiency in the weaving and paper industry, where high viscosity starch is used, it imparts higher tensile strength to the fiber and thus improves the sizing.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceLight creamy to white colour, free flowing fine powder
2pH4.5 – 7.0
3Moisture Content% Max13.00
4Viscosity of 5% in Brookfield viscometercps Min1400
5Viscosity of 2% in Red Wood No.1 viscometersec Min 34
6Fibre Contentml Max1.0
7Sieve Retention% Max1.0
8Ash Content% Max0.2
9Sulphur Dioxideppm Max100
10Brightness% Max90.0
11Protein Content% Max0.45
12Free Acidityml Max4.0



Disposable Diapers

Internal sizing, filler retention, surface sizing, paper coating (regular and color), carbonless paper stilt material, disposable diapers, feminine products