Oxidized Starch – SPAC OXY

SPAC OXY – The Oxidized Starch is derived from high-quality maize/tapioca starch. It is widely used in paper manufacturing.


Oxidized Starches have the versatility to be pasted through any cooking system and will improve printability, pick, ring crush, fiber lay, fold, mullen, and tensile. They are ideal as a coating base or in the coating itself. In a coating formulation, SPAC oxidized starches can provide improved ink holdout, gloss, reduced picking, and controlled binder migration.


Technical Specifications

1AppearanceWhite colour, Free Flowing Powder
2pH6.0 – 8.0
3Moisture Content% Max13.00
4Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometercps50-500
5Ash Content% Max1.5
6Brightness% Max93.0
7Cold Water Solubility% Max4.0




SPAC OXY is widely used as a coating Binder.


Carbonless paper stilt material

Paper Coating

Regular and color


Concrete block binder, asbestos, clay/limestone binder, fire-resistant wallboard, plywood/chipboard adhesive, gypsum board binder, paint filler

Surface Sizing

In this application, the fiber on the surface of the paper is glued and covered with a starch film. This gives the paper better writing and printing properties. The pressure in the size press rolls induces the solution to penetrate the mass of the paper, which improves the mechanical properties of the paper

Pigment Binder

Coating in size press modified Starch SPAC OXY is used as a pigment binder.