Spac Jet | SpacTex

SPAC is surging ahead in the textile and paper industries with tailor-made application-oriented functional product manufacturing and marketing. To enrich the product range in textile application SPAC introduced the SPAC Jet series of modified starch-based yarn-sizing product designs to suit the requirements of high-speed looms. Spac one shot is a single-product sizing agent and is comparable with all other ingredients. Spac one shot is specially designed to fulfill the sizing need of Terry Towel industries. The sized yarn gives a smooth and soft feel in addition to increased yarn tensile strength and wearability.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceCream colour, Free Flowing Powder
2pH6.0 – 8.0
3Moisture Content% Max14.0
4Viscosity in BTRA cupsec6 – 8
5Ash Content% Max5.0




Uniform coating, smooth, flexible, tough & transparent film

Ease of Design

Higher extension at break, which reduces loss in elongation

Yarn Sizing

Ease of resizing by acceptable methods


Practically free from pentachlorophenol(PCP) a red list item.


Uniform pick-up due to stable, viscous and excellent flow

Fibre Binding

Excellent fibre-to-fibre binding due to higher penetration improving fibre lay in the yarn.


Improves yarn-to-yarn as well as yarn-to-loom abrasion resistance.