Spac Plast

Spac plast is a cost and performance-efficient modified starch for sizing cotton & blends. It has been specially engineered through an Eco-friendly process to enhance the properties of starch for film formation & adhesion together with flexibility & pliability to cater to sizing needs on high-speed weaving machines of the Textile Industry. Due to its rheological characteristics & high film-forming nature, it reduces the use of synthetic polymers substantially in cotton yarn sizing & thereby contributes towards the lower effluent load.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceCream colour, Free Flowing Powder
2pH6.0 – 8.0
3Moisture Content% Max12.0
4Viscosity in BTRA cupsec10 – 12
5Ash Content% Max5.0




Uniform coating, smooth, flexible, tough & transparent film

Ease of Design

Higher extension at break, which reduces loss in elongation

Yarn Sizing

Ease of resizing by acceptable methods


Practically free from pentachlorophenol(PCP) a red list item.


Uniform pick-up due to stable, viscous and excellent flow

Fibre Binding

Excellent fibre-to-fibre binding due to higher penetration improving fibre lay in the yarn.


Improves yarn-to-yarn as well as yarn-to-loom abrasion resistance.