Maize Starch

We manufacture Maize Starch – Food Grade from quality maize in a modernized plant by applying the latest technological advancements to suit the requirements of the food industry.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceLight creamy to white colour, free flowing fine powder, odourless, tasteless, free from live or dead insects and extraneous matter.
2 pH4.5 – 7.0
3 Moisture Content% Max 12.0
4 Viscosity of 5% in Brookfield viscometercps Min1400
5Viscosity of 2% in Red Wood No.1 viscometersec Min34
6Fibre Contentml Max0.5
7Sieve Retention% Max 1.0
8 Ash Content% Max0.2
9 Sulphur Dioxideppm Max 50
10 Brightness% Min90.0
11 Protein Content% Max0.45
12 Free Acidityml Max4.0

Microbiological Test

1Total Plate Countcfu Max10000
2Coli formscfu Max100
3Yeast and Mouldcfu Max200
4E colicfuAbsent



Bakery Products

Biscuits, cakes, cheese bread, cookies, crackers, donuts, fillings and toppings, mocha bread, pancakes, and waffles

Batters, Breading and Coatings

Batter coatings for meat, seafood, fries, crispy deep fry

Beverages and Alcohol

Dairy beverages, juices, instant cereal mixes, instant 3-in-1 mixes, powdered drinks, RTD coffee, Tea, smoothies

Convenience Foods

Soups and meals, instant soups, sauces, and gravies

Edible Masala Powder

Edible Masala Powder Manufacturing


Chewy candy, hard gums, jelly bean Centre, panned coated confectionary and chocolates, pastilles, tablets

Food and Sweet

Food and Sweet Manufacturing

Ice Cream & Cone

Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing

Gluten Free Foods

Bread, biscuits, cakes, cheese bread, croutons, mocha, muffins, pasta, noodles, vermicelli

Noodles, Pasta Spaghetti and Wrappers

Noodles-chilled, dry, fresh, frozen, glass noodles, instant (fried and air-dried), pasta. Wrappers- puff, spring roll, rice rolls, wonton


Coated nuts, Extruded, fabricated potato chips (baked, fried), green peas, puffed rice crackers, sheeted snacks (baked, fried), shrimp crackers, snack pellets

Soup, Sauces, Gravies, Dressing and Tips

Gravies and ready meals, salad dressings sweet and savory dips, tomato sauce, cooking sauces, instant dips, instant gravies, instant soups

Processed Meat & Fish

Meat-Burger patties, chicken cutlets, chicken nuggets/fingers, chicken patties, meatballs, meat kebab, meatloaf, meat luncheon, Fish-Asian hot pot seafood items, imitation crab sticks, seafood balls, cakes, pastes, seafood nuggets