Tapioca Starch A Grade

We manufacture Tapioca Starch A Grade from quality Tapioca tubers in a modernized plant to suit the needs of market segments such as Paper, Packaging, Textile, Adhesive and many more Industrial applications.

Technical Specifications

1AppearanceWhite Color, Free Flowing Powder
2pH5.0 – 7.0
3Moisture Content% Max13.00
4Viscosity of 5% in Brookfield viscometercps Min1500
5Viscosity of 2% in Red Wood No.1 viscometersec Min 50
6Fibre Contentml Max1.0
7Sieve Retention% Max1.0
8Ash Content% Max0.2
9Sulphur Dioxideppm Max100
10Brightness% Max93.0
11Free Acidityml Max1.5



Disposable Diapers

Internal sizing, filler retention, surface sizing, paper coating (regular and color), carbonless paper stilt material, disposable diapers, feminine products